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    Car and Van Servicing In Cambridge The Things to Consider

    Are you checking the oil in your car regularly? Is it the time of the year to pass that MoT test already? When was the last time your vehicle underwent a servicing? What is Car Servicing and how Often Should we do it - and how Long Does it TakeCar servicing doesn’t only mean oil change. A complete check of the car’s computer systems and cover-plates is also done. If you hear that screeching noise when stepping on your breaks, it’s most likely time for a change of those break pads too. The list of all maintenance procedures that should be carried out is put in a list by the manufacturer of your car. There should also be a recommended time period or distance travelled in which those procedures should be carried out.While it might sound like a time-consuming and expensive service, it’s exactly the opposite. Depending on the car or van, the servicing would generally take between two and five hours, and it’s much less expensive than an actual serious issue that could occur to...

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    Published Tuesday 23rd May 2017

    Improve your MPG with Terraclean at Regency Autos Garage in Cambridge

    From Car to Van, Truck to Tractor, Motorbike to Motorboat Petrol or Diesel TerraClean will improve your MPG, emissions and restore performance. TerraClean is now available at Regency Autos in Cambridge.The team at Regency Autos garage in Cambridge can provide you with the benefits of TerraClean's patented technology to help improve MPG and much more. As well as keeping your vehicle running in top condition its important to get every mile you can from each visit to the pump. That's where a TerraClean service can help by improving the MPG your vehicle will deliver.Its not all they do. Regency Autos garage in Cambridge also offer a wide range services you'd expect and some you wouldn't. Catering for your MOT in Cambridge to use of a rolling road and other specialist advanced equipment. ...

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    Published Tuesday 16th May 2017


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